Raindrops keep Falling on my Head..

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Its been 2years + since I last logged in..

A lot has changed..people whom you once thought won't change..actually did.
The person whom you entrust with the rest of your life.. turned out to be the person who betrays you.

Anger/Sadness/hurt/confusion/disappointed.. all the emotions at once..caused me to experience the worst heartache I have ever had.

I went to see a specialist..
I had nightmares..
it hurts when i talk about unhappy things..

Now I have slowly put it behind me..

something once so precious .. are now just memories.

My frd told me.."no one in the world can live without anyone.."

I have always been with mi..and I love being me alot.

I'm not afraid of being alone, but I'm just disappoint and hurt.

it feels like drama.

it does..

The eposide will come to an end, but its not always a happy ending.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nice read..

I came across this link..somewhere..thought that its a great read..

Titled: Date a Girl who Travels..

I love travelling, thus the title kinda intrigued me..

Certain things written resonate with me, would like to share it..

".......A girl who travels has developed a deeper appreciation for life. She won’t judge you, or pressure you to do things you don’t want to do. She knows too much about the importance of identity and self-efficacy, and she will appreciate all the more if you won’t pretend to be who you’re not......."

"....Nothing takes her by surprise; she takes everything with equanimity, knowing that such things are always a part of life. ..."

Full article here
A sense of tranquility was felt after reading the article, and made me wanna go on a solo trip someplace.. where you can see, smell, feel the nature and hear the sounds of the universe..

Wherever your feet takes you to is an adventure.. I actually like roaming freely.. not knowing what you will discover next..
Maybe that's why I've never liked packaged tours..it feels like school children all packed in a school bus and being brought from one location to another..

I wrote a list of places I would like to visit ... and it came up to quite a bit..im not sure when I'm able to travel to all of them but sometimes its good to dream.

I always make it a point to take a deep breath of air when I'm in a new city, as I would like to remember the smell of it..and it really does still stay in my mind even after a long time..

hopefully in time to come, I will be able to travel..to some of the most exciting places I've always wanted to visit..


Do you sometimes feel that the things that are not said, are always the most obvious?
Im not sure how many people feel that way but maybe its cos once you start using your ears instead of your mouth..you are able to observe more than before..

Things you once perceived as it was now has become otherwise.
If you listen and observe, the truth meaning will usually surface.
Yet how many of us actually embrace the truth even after the realization? do you continue as it was..treating everything as it was..even though you know deep inside you have embraced a different thinking towards it.


do you take a different track, different actions, just so you justify what you have realized..cos you are actually listening to your thoughts. ..as thoughts lead to actions..which leads to results..

I observed that its always easier to conform then to be unorthodox..alot of people do that being conventional.. maybe they do it to be accepted? there's countless reasons that I shall not start on.

But when being conventional is not the right way..do you still conform? Or you do otherwise?

Just some Food for thought..

Night world..

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, HOLA 2012~!

Its the last day of 2011, I cannot believe I haven't update this blog for a year..

its been superbly busy, a eventful year and one that's really fun.

I realised a few things this year..

1) Never sweat over the small stuffs, think about whether it will matter 5 years from now. If yes then its something worth worrying over.

2) If you speak less and observe more, you will notice alot more that you've never knew in the past.

3) The usual peeps I hang out with are the peeps that I'm meeting this Xmas and New Year. With the inclusion of my little niece, its one of the best new year celebrations I think I'll be having.

4) Love more, hate less, be happie alot!

I don have resolutions, but i guess number 4 above serve as a resolution..

ooh 2012 will be Alicia's big day, cannot wait!

Looking forward to 2012, it will be a fabulous year ahead!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Its 2 months to Christmas!!

dashing thru the snow..in a one horse open sleigh~~~ !!

I think Xmas is my favourite time of the year, coming so soon again.

Its 3/4 of the year whooshing past .. an interesting year indeed till now. Have met many different people as compared to the past years..

I guess I stopped writing the blog..becos my life just became boring. Or I'm just lazy and busy at work..

Working is great, but yet not so great at times.

I recently thought of learning the bike.. I've always wanted to learn how to ride.
The mom freaked out at the mention of that idea many years ago..thats how it got shelved till today.

Maybe..hmm.. it'll be fun.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Had a conversation with boy earlier..he's telling me of something he read on the newspaper he used it to place under his food..(I literally thought of the image of him doing that and its kinda hilarious..)

Rise of the 'Plasticine' Generation..

Singapore is probably turning into something like that..

I did that for like 2 years when I first started job..

not a good feeling totally, hopefully people in Singapore don't turn into such categories. But I seriously see such people at work daily, and hence the need to turn on my auto filter mode..

oh well..just food for thought..interesting article which i wanan share here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Adios 2010....Hola 2011!!!!

I know this is a tad late..wanted to write down what I'm thankful for in the past year..and after all my parties and being sick for the past week...I really wanna do this!
So here goes..

Its been a year with one of the most ups and downs..

I'm thankful for the things I have in life, the people whom I'm close with, my family , love ones and all my crazee friends!

I've realised alot of things...and some made me frown, but alot made my life happier!

Here's some of the event's I did in 2010..I love to look back on what I've done, see what I can improve on..and learn from my experiences..

Starting with..an 18day backpacking trip to New Zealand, bungee jumping, river rafting and glacier trekking..love the backpacking, it makes u understand more about yourself as well as your friends..you get to feel more as its truly a fantastic experience..


Next was Shanghai to attend B2 and Er sao wedding!

An exciting family event~~!

My cute family:

B1 & B2:Look alike??

On the bus to the restaurant:

Before the banquet started..we took a puff..whahaha..3/4 into the stick..mom spotted us and walked over to ask what we were doing... -_-..
p/s: Mr W..correction..shld be last year april..hahahahah.

After all the booze at the end of the dinner..my face is red..

Next up, I visited Shanghai Expo 2010:
The most awesome exhibition I've ever visited..without a doubt..

At Netherland's expo:

I received a present on my birthday..with loads of love!

On my anniversary, boy and I watch Voyage de la Vie! I love circus!!!

On August, attended Peining's wedding ! One of the 3 weddings I attend last year..lovely!

I have no idea why I took this...but doggie is on my drumset always..

Mid Autumn Festival:
Wonderful dinner courtesy of Ms S!!
Love the lanterns!

Halloween @ Night Safari!I find this v scary...hahahah..

Arrival of my cutest Niece, Amber:

This Bundle of Joy brought lotsa joy to the family..!

Nov, my favourite cousin's wedding:
She's like a little sis to me, super nice wedding..

Dec where my Xmas celebration begain early!

I gotta say..this year is like the best Xmas ever..I got to celebrate with all my closest friends:
^5 Xmas gathering:

Xmas with S, A and Q:
Modesto's + Drinks!

Loads of pressies!! Nice color combi:

Xmas with Poly Guys!This is the group that reminds me of the sitcom "F.R.I.E.N.D.S".. I grew up watching that sitcom and think its super cool to have friends like that.eheh..
I almost cried when they said they're not gonna continue to show..oh well..all good things comes to an end.

At M's place:

I love this mini size log cake.nv seen 1 so cute..

Also had an Xmas chillout with L and X, 1 day before Xmas eve, partying @ Wala wala!!

Dec, USS with X, W & S and friends:

Its super fun although the weather was really hot..
Love the rides and the company!

I too watched 3 Local Theaters: Boeing, Boeing, The Full Monty & Cinderel-LAH!
Loving it alot..If you don already know..I'm a fan of theaters/musicals/concerts!
This year is JJ Lin's!! I absolutely cannot wait..

Will upload some Japan photos soon..that made my 2010 a very happie one indeed..being able to holiday with boy!

Laters peeps!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Xmas all!

this is by far the best xmas I've ever had!

Gatherings with all the closest friends I have, apart from missing the poly gals classmates due to my eye infection.. but, for the rest of the parties I had a fantastic time! I think its so fun cos its the time of the year where you take some time off..slow down your pace..celebrate the festive season, gifts exchange..and of course feast, and just chill out over wine/booze/beer etc..

I think the saying that goes, it doesn't matter the quantity, as long as there's quality! Totally true.
hahahaha! The next party would be with the family where b1 will be back on 24th Dec for xmas!

Im so happie I finally went USS..its like awesomeness..feels like I was in another country.
It made xmas even more fun this year, all thanks to W buddy.hahaha.

Oh well the downside is..work's duper bz at year end..

But, I shall endure..as I always do.

Japan in a few days, to celebrate the happy holidays with boy. Haven't seen each other in 4++ months..whoopie!!!

But 3 degrees is freaking cold.kekee

Okie off to play with niece before i sleep..nitey!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Its a month to christmas!

Have been uber bz at work...ot everyday..but I shall endure~!!

Didn't know that xmas is around the corner...so fast! Time flies when you're really busy.

Finally got some photos up, after much procrastination..kekkee.

Was surfing sistic website to see where Cinderel-lah! (whoopieee watching on 9th dec!) would be held, and I came across ....JJ Lin's World Tour Concert coming live to SG!!

5th March 2011!!

Awesome! I love JJ!

It got me hyped up for awhile at work...cos its been awhile since he performed.
The poster's image of JJ looks very different, not to mention manly..hhehee, he seems like a grown man, not like the cutsey image 2 years ago. aww..

I'm falling asleep as I'm typing this..oh man.

On a side note, I got to know a good news from one of close friends..super happie for her!
It got me thinking that everyone's thinking keeps changing as we grow...or maybe everyday. cos we will perceive things differently base on the experiences in life.

Its something I've read alot on NLP, how humans think and interact..and true enough, I've seen it come true on alot of occasions. Human beings are a wonderful bunch, you'd never know what to expect as every encounter is always different.

Ok..major digress..bedtime for moi..another day peeps!

Rapunzel is out in the movies, for all Disney fans, its a must watch!!

Good nite dear cute niece!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The name is Amber!

After some weeks of pondering from my b2 and er sao, finally the name of my niece is Amber!

Held amber to sleep for the first time, and its v nice to hold a cute niece! super cute!

Such a doll, and she looks exceptionally cute wearing blue. keke.

My role is to sing and talk to the bb, during play time I'd sing xmas songs and stuff..to engage her senses visual, sound, kinesthetic.

kekeke. And 1st mth party coming up, have been bz sourcing for decorations and did some decorations just now. Event planner is not easy feat.keke. But its all fun.

Went for movie & St James last nite with e buddies S, A & Q ytd. Havent been there for 3 yrs..haaha nice to relax for awhile and dance. They say if the company is good, it doesn't matter what you do. Yup, totally awesome. ~


Last weekend, was the wedding of my favourite Cousin!!! She's a year younger than I am, had loads of fun playing together since like when we were 10yrs old. Aww..now she's all grown up!

Lovely wedding dress she has!!

Look alike?hehehehe

Xmas is coming soon! My favourite time of the year, this year with the new addition to the family, its gonna be fun!! Plus the gatherings with the frds, looking forward to it!

p/s: as i'm typing this, I receive a news from one of the ^5, telling me a very exciting news. muahhahaa. I can't wait.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lantern Festival!!

When the going gets tough...the tough gets going..

Tml coming soon!! Mooncake house Party tml! Can't wait to gather @ S~~~

Side tracking..I was looking at the fb pages..and saw a post of a friend's friend.

It was a wedding photo, and alot of people were commenting nice things like "congrats~! u look awesome! pretty!! " All the positive comments and all, and when i looked it was like over 30 comments in total.

hahaa it just got me thinking, i guess the reason why I don't post declarations of happiness on fb is cos... I seriously don think people will bother enough to feel the same happiness that you felt.

Or rather..it feels kinda depressing, if u "announce" your happiness via the fb..and to have no pple share the same sentiments. Although I already know it..but its a truth i rather not face.

But then again in real life.. people might think otherwise if you share something happie with them. They'd go.."u sure...?" or "oh..ok" or look at you with an expressionless face. Like you just told them the weather is sunny in singapore.

I guess im not looking for fascinating reactions of praises, just that maybe you wanna feel if the person is genuinely happie for u too? no? or you'd rather they pretend to be happie..and u have no idea if its all a facade.

Maybe we all got too used to acting. that it seems normal..

Okie not sure where im heading..just food for thought.

Nitey peeps!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

World Cup Day 2

Didn't expect a draw last night!

Of all the teams, am rooting for Holland and Spain to lift the cup. We shall see!!

Hit the gym after work today!

Had a 14 day trial cos I applied for the Posb Atm/Debit card, and there's a coupon with that offer.

After being subjected to the 1hr long sales pitch, I was given the trial pass!

Have always envisioned how fun it would be inside California Fitness.

Usually you'd see in the movies, the protagonists would be working out in gyms somewhere in the movie scene. And that's how I form images of our own California Fitness!

On my maiden visit, was a Friday Night @8pm. Pretty hectic day it seems..lotsa pple walking in and out, and at the lounge area too.

After the 1st round of sales pitch, I was assigned a Personal trainer, who brought me around the gym equipment and gave me a free personal training.

There were so many equipment there, that some seems alittle intimidating. hahahaah I haven't used such things before that explains.

But its really fun, working out! After 40mins of training, I was aching.hahahaha.

Went again today, my 3rd visit, to join in the Belly Dance class. Was fun too, trying to get ur belly to "dance". hhhehe. 1/3 of the pple were first timers to the class, and the instructor was v pro, she concurrently taught 2 grps of pple, clear concise instructions! Couldn't get some of the technique..but still its great to workout!

After the hr long class, I worked out for another 1 hr..weights..the climbing thingy, the gliding thingy..and the one where you sit like you're rowing a boat..apologies for the weird description..cos i have no idea what the exact names of the equipment were..

There's this boxing ring like area, and a huge punching bag in the middle. I love that, had a great time punching and kicking the thing. hahahaha. I imagined I was Muhammad Ali.

The land of wonders~!

NZ trip..

Transit 3hrs in Sydney!

Airport beagle searching for drugs or illegal stuffs:

Love all the moments there!
Lotsa sheeps!!!

pretending to hitch-hike~


Love the sky

Hitch hiking!!

Halfway driving, we saw sheeps on the road..blocking us infront. Mad awesome i must say, tot i'd onli see these things in movies!!

A sheepdog was chasing the sheeps to the grassland instead, and our vehical following behind to snap pics.

A nice lake @ Te Anau

I look pretty fat in this photo above. hahaha The PC area in our fav backpackers in Auckland.

One of our attempts..the bad weather did not allow us to skydive..